Whether you are a business owner or executive, athlete or entertainer, physician or attorney, high-net-worth family member, or even retired; as a high-income earner or high-net-worth individual, you need expert guidance regarding financial planning and taxation. At DHA, we help individuals plan their stock option and compensation strategies, protect their assets, accumulate wealth, plan for life events, and minimize taxes. We work with you as a tax advisor and consultant and collaborate with investment managers, lawyers, and others on your advisory team, ensuring a comprehensive financial strategy.

Specialized services for our High-Net-Worth Individual clients include:

  • Expert advice for professionals regarding employer benefits, stock options, restricted stock, and deferred compensation
  • Residency planning focused on potential tax consequences and requirements
  • Strategizing for life changes such as divorce, college, or retirement

  • Retirement planning designed to maximize income through allocation of assets between taxable, tax-free, and tax-deferred accounts

  • Customized multi-year plan designed to fit your goals and priorities by balancing tax liability, net worth, and cash flow

  • Effective estate, trust, and gift planning which ensures the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries while minimizing overall tax liability

“I’ve always been self-employed and have worked with many different accountants, but I have never had one as knowledgeable
as Ryan Henke. One of the major goals my partner and I had when coming to DHA was to increase our retirement savings.
With their help, my retirement has increased tenfold. Ryan is excellent at explaining in detail the things I need to
know as a business owner, and he’s able to translate from accounting terms into terms I can understand.
With the knowledge and planning he has provided our business has become much more profitable.”
-Jeff Spencer, Handy Help LLC


We’d love to meet you, talk about your financial goals,
and see if we’re the right fit to help you get there.