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Beneficial Ownership Reporting:  What You Need to Know

By Katrina Brekke   By January 1, 2025, all business entities registered in the United States will be required to disclose their entity information and all beneficial owners to the Department of the Treasury, in a new crime-fighting procedural strategy outlined by the Corporate Transparency Act. This reporting [...]

DHA CPAs + Entigrity

To provide you with the best service and value possible, DHA continuously evaluates opportunities to streamline the preparation of tax returns and other deliverables.  We wish to provide greater value by being more available and proactive with advice and solutions for our clients, whilst keeping our costs, and [...]

The Benefits of Extending

Each year, some taxpayers find themselves scrambling to find their income tax return paperwork and ultimately become stressed trying to file their tax return by the April deadline. Others know and understand that simply filing a tax extension can earn them time, reduce their stress, and, possibly, find [...]

Individual Tax Planning Strategies

In continued response to the effects of Covid-19, we have seen numerous changes in tax law signed into tax law during 2021. As we near the end of the year, it is an excellent time to review this year’s changes and consider available tax-planning strategies to avoid any [...]

DHA CPAs + LeaseCrunch

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LeaseCrunch, the easiest lease accounting solution on the market. As we vetted software to help you, our clients, implement the new lease standard, we reviewed several options and believe LeaseCrunch is the right choice. LeaseCrunch helps you streamline adopting ASC 842, [...]

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