Before we begin the preparation of your fiduciary tax return, we require that you review and complete the engagement letter below.

We will prepare your 2021 federal and requested state fiduciary income tax returns, including tax information for beneficiaries from information which you will provide to us. This engagement pertains only to the 2021 tax year and does not include any additional returns you may be required to file with other taxing authorities. It will be your responsibility to sign the authorization form(s) confirming you have reviewed the returns and give us permission to file them. Authorization must be submitted to us no later than 4:00pm on the filing due date of your return.

It is your responsibility to provide information required for preparation of complete and accurate returns. We will not audit or otherwise verify the data you submit, although we may ask you to clarify some of the information. We have provided you with a tax organizer to help you gather the information required for a complete return. Use of the organizer will contribute to efficient preparation and help keep our fees to a minimum. We will use professional judgment in resolving questions where the tax law is unclear, or where there may be conflicts between the taxing authorities’ interpretations of the law and other supportable positions. Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will resolve such questions in your favor whenever possible.

We may, from time to time and depending on the circumstances, use third-party service providers in serving your account. We may share confidential information about you with these service providers but remain committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your information. Accordingly, we maintain internal policies, procedures, and safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. In addition, we will secure confidentiality agreements with all service providers to maintain the confidentiality of your information and we will take reasonable precautions to determine that they have appropriate procedures in place to prevent the unauthorized release of your confidential information to others. In the event that we are unable to secure an appropriate confidentiality agreement, you will be asked to provide your consent prior to sharing of your confidential information with the third-party service provider. Furthermore, we will remain responsible for the work provided by any such third-party service provider.

Your returns may be selected for audit by a taxing authority. Any proposed adjustments are subject to appeal. In the event of a tax examination, we can arrange to be available to represent you. Such representation will be a separate engagement. Fees and expenses will be invoiced in accordance with terms we agree upon for that engagement.

Our fee for tax preparation will be based on the amount of time required at standard billing rates. Payment is due upon presentation and must be obtained before filing your return. To the extent permitted by state law, an interest charge may be added to any balance not paid within thirty (30) days. The invoice for tax services includes the preparation and all discussions/meetings related to the income tax returns; additional services requested will be an additional fee.

We will retain copies of records you supplied to us along with our work papers for your engagement for a period of seven years. Your original documents will be returned to you at the end of this engagement. You should keep the original records in secure storage as they may be necessary to prove the accuracy and completeness of the returns to a taxing authority. You may refer to our website, www.dha-cpa.com, for links providing specific information regarding the length of time you should keep your documentation.

To affirm that this letter correctly summarizes your understanding of the arrangements for this work, please complete all fields indicated below and click SUBMIT.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your tax needs. We appreciate your confidence in us.

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