To provide you with the best service and value possible, DHA continuously evaluates opportunities to streamline preparation of your individual tax returns. One such opportunity involves our use of data entry services that enable us to complete your tax returns more efficiently.

The work performed by data entry services is limited to electronically organizing your source documents and inputting the data into our tax software. Once these tasks are completed, our in-house staff follows our internal procedures by completing the preparation, which includes the meticulous review of your tax returns for accuracy.

Using data entry services enables us to focus on the complex areas of your tax return preparation, provide timely service to you, and overall allows us to better serve you.

Based on regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service, we must obtain your express written permission to use a data entry service provider where the services may be provided offshore. By providing authorization and signing the consent form, you are allowing us to use this service to assist in the data entry portion of your tax returns.  Complete your online consent form here.

If you elect to allow us to use services provided offshore for the sole purpose of preparing your tax returns, we will disclose the information you provide to us. Electing to leverage these services is a choice. We look forward to serving you by preparing your taxes in either situation.

We will be using Xpitax Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a third-party data entry service provider. Xpitax Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a U.S. owned service bureau with offshore employees. It is a recognized leader in the field of tax preparation. We have entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Xpitax which legally establishes its obligation to maintain the privacy of your information.

We will not disclose any of your information to any party for a use other than the preparation of your tax returns. If you have any questions regarding this form, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Written by Mike Drazan, DHA CPAs